In autumn, when the mountain begins to tinge with wonderful warm colours, silence becomes the true protagonist that accompanies you in relaxing walks under a terse, clear and bright sky. A pleasant temperature and lots of clean air regenerate and give a nice charge of energy to face the coming winter. There are wonderful panoramic views to discover, in addition to lakes that change appearance because they are surrounded by wonderful colours. Casa del Roccolo is the ideal place to spend a holiday immersed in the silence of nature typical of this period and an excellent starting point for scenic walks and visits to the territory.

In autumn it is amazing to witness the courting ritual of the most majestic of the ungulates: the bellow of the red deer. The red deer in our valley has reached a density among the highest in the Alps and this allows you to live a dedicated close encounter in the park and to listen to their unmistakable sound; you can experience this even if you just open your apartment window at Casa del Roccolo at night! Many and different events are proposed in Val di Sole to deepen the knowledge of this fascinating animal.

In autumn rainy days sometimes take the place of clear ones and cover the sky of gray. Water falls abundant and nourishes the underbrush allowing the growth of many varieties of mushrooms. Casa del Roccolo is located in the middle of a wood full of mushrooms and the enthusiasts have just to be equipped with basket, open the apartment door and search!

In addition for lovers of outdoor research, in Val di Sole in autumn you can take beautiful walks among wild chestnut woods and, provided with suitable equipment, bring home some delicious chestnuts to enjoy with a good herbal tea. There are also many walnut trees that give us this small fruit with thousand properties. All you have to do is search! 

Summer harvesting ends in autumn. There are typical products of this season, such as potatoes and apples, that you can find at 0 km, directly from the farmer. There are several companies located in the territory offering fresh and seasonal products or preparing preserves and sauces to enjoy during the winter. There are many events proposed to this effect, organized in dedicated days and markets not far from Casa del Roccolo and in nearby Val di Non.