Val di Sole is increasingly appreciated even in the "off-season". In spring we can live endless emotions and regenerative experiences, Nature awakens all our senses. Sounds, flavours, scents and colours. We give you just a little cue and let you find out the rest!

Staying at Casa del Roccolo in spring means receiving the good morning, at the first dawn, by a wonderful choir of birds. With their songs they give you a concert, an incredible harmony of sounds. What better way to wake up in the morning! Or imagine sitting in the middle of the woods under a majestic fir, closing your eyes and listening to the imposing sound of water, that comes down loaded and full with the melting of snow and ice. A regenerative experience! If you prefer, you can take a relaxing evening walk on the bike path, alongside huge expanses of meadows, and hear the crickets orchestra in all its elegance: yes, right them, fearful and always hidden musicians, they give you a wonderful melody. Don't get too close entering the meadow though, otherwise they will stop singing!

Who wants to taste the flavour of fragrant gnocchi made with fresh mountain herbs? In spring, mountains and meadows begin to get coloured of a bright green and it is quite usual to find many people busy gathering different herbs with which to prepare delicious dishes. At Casa del Roccolo you have just to open your apartment door and you will find endless varieties of herbs at your feet. It doesn't matter if you don't know them yet, this could be an opportunity to discover interesting plants and their use! In particular, there are many activities that Val di Sole promotes about "zicorie" to favour the knowledge and the taste of this plant with a lot of properties, such as the famous "festa delle zicorie". To delight your palate there are also lots of other local products of Val di Sole, such as the famous "casolet", speck, "tortei de patate", strudel and many others! Moreover, who can resist the sweetness of honey? In Val di Sole in spring begins the harvesting of this precious food. There are lots of events to approach and discover at 360 degrees the world of bees at MMAPE, a specific and interactive museum, placed in the village of Croviana. There are also several events and activities proposed by nearby Val di Non to promote local products.

There are a lot of scents that can be linked to Val di Sole in this season of awakening. Everything seems to come to life again. Walking through villages you will be surrounded by the scent of the first flowers that bloom in the gardens of houses. Entering the forest you will feel again a strong scent of wood and life. Casa del Roccolo is completely immersed in the woods and you will just have to open the window in the morning to let that fresh, clean and fragrant air of forest in, that will spread in all your apartment. Wood in particular is one of the main elements of the valley. There are many wood craftsmen who create useful artifacts and delight in amazing carvings. Many others work instead iron, ceramics, wool... take a dip in the past and come to visit them! Fascinating, and especially aromatic, is the world of larch resin: in spring begins the extraction of turpentine. In Dimaro there is a dedicated path and through Ecomuseo you can dive into this experience and learn about the thousand properties of this product.

With the arrival of spring a unique sight emerges throughout the valley: from mountains that are coloured of a bright green, to meadows where endless shades of colours surface, until you reach lower Val di Sole with the frame of apple trees in bloom. This landscape extends to nearby Val di Non, the heart of cultivation of "Melinda" apples, that celebrates this magic period with many activities and events to promote the knowledge of this fruit! The meadow and the paths surrounding Casa del Roccolo are dyed of many bright colours and everything comes to life! You can also pick up beautiful pine cones that fall off the trees and then enjoy creating original artistic works or keep them until Christmas to make themed compositions.

Besides the senses, Nature gives us many other experiences! In Val di Sole there are endless opportunities to get in close contact with the farm animals: along the cycle track you can find some newborn piglets and see them up close, or find several stables with cows that graze in the meadows waiting to be taken to the mountain pastures. There are many activities in favour of the discovery of animals, such as living a close-up experience with donkeys, or get on the horse at the stables.

In spring countless museums reopen in the area, located at different altitudes: we can find museums in small valley villages, beside mountain lakes and even at high altitude. They focus on various topics and range from historical/cultural themes to the discovery of mountain animals. What better chance to learn more about our territory? We wait for you!

Also mountain bike excursions resume with the season of the awakening. There are routes for all tastes and for all levels: from the most challenging ones at high altitude, if the snow has already melted, to the wonderful cycle path that crosses all the valley along the river Noce.

With the arrival of spring water becomes again the undisputed star of our lakes and rivers that can again be ridden. The river Noce, that crosses all the valley, is considered the best river in Europe for rafting, the exciting raft descents!



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